Warfare Approach


BANS™ - A real war changer

A brand-new patented understanding and logic of air defence support weapon capabilities


BANS™ digitally stimulates the aircraft’s missile launch warning and detection system.


Combat aircraft or helicopter is forced to immediately dispense countermeasures, flares.


The aircraft becomes fully vulnerable and easy to hit with anti-aircraft missiles.

BANS™ produces a stimulation of a countermeasure of the aircraft missile launch warning and detection system. The warning system recognizes the signal produced by the BANS™ device and triggers the air platform missile launch warning and detection system.

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    Red dot sight
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    ON/OFF switch
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    Folding stock
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    Front grip

Multiple stimulations dispersed through multiple shooters trigger multiple releases of flares in minutes until the air platform completely runs out of them. Extensive use of flares leaves combat aircrafts vulnerable to anti-aircraft missiles. Pilots must then either abort their mission or remain under open fire or real anti-aircraft missiles.

It is easy to use, with no specific training needed and very cost effective. As such, BANS™ devices can be widely distributed throughout the battlefield with a swarm attack logic, thus significantly shifting the course of future airstrike missions.

Approach Features

BANS™ is based on the revolutionary VSHORAD

(Very Short Range Air Defence) tactical approach


BANS™ triggers aircraft's missile launch warning and detection system.


Selection of VSHORAD missile patterns.


Significantly increases aircraft hit probability when used in tandem with MANPADS.

BANS™ features

BANS™ redefines the modern approach to air defence with a new philosophy and design

Light, handheld

Portable design as secondary weapon

500 activations with a dual battery pack

Dust- and waterproof

Operational reach 5 km

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